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Dr. John Ward


The Gralien Report

Residing in Egypt, Dr. John Ward has conducted numerous investigations of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism while also carrying out research on medieval Templarism. He was in 2006 recruited by the Knights Templar of Britannia, which is a modern Templar order affiliated with, and acknowledged by the Vatican. John’s research and its results so far led the Order to actively sponsor continuous investigations, enabling John to conduct several archaeological and historical surveys. These were focusing on the following (briefly summarized) topics:

The Egyptian temple of Medinat Habu in Thebes (Theban Necropolis) where John discovered a so far unexcavated structural foundation and explored its connecting well system and the correlation between the clear water present in one well and the green, polluted waters in the surrounding wells. This was investigated and compared with the modern day’s folklore and religious ceremonies associated with the clear water well.

Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his palace area in Thebes (Theban Necropolis). John documented a manmade lake which shows evidence of an apocalyptic disaster in the form of flooding. This investigation also brought up evidence of a most plausible association with the Biblical story of Exodus, and can thus be seen as the essence of the later Christian myth.

The results of the previous investigation led John to examine the descendants of Amenhotep III, including the heretic Akhenaton, which led to new insights into the factual existence of the Arc of the Covenant. John was here able to trace the artistic and purely practical Egyptian origin of this religious item which later was adopted by the Jewish and Christian communities. The Biblical theme of the Exodus was once more brought in and could this time be placed in correlation with a medieval map, today located in Hereford Cathedral, England, commonly referred to as Mappa Mundi.

The results of investigating the medieval map resulted in further studies of medieval Knights Templars, their churches and structures in England and France. It brought in an investigation of modern day Freemasons and their involvement in symbolism and temple architecture. It brought him to Garway Templar Church.

At Garway Church John documented and analysed a series of symbols carved in the architectural elements, which seemingly did not have anything to do with the surrounding decoration. He started a still ongoing project of investigating symbolism throughout the world.

The investigated topics presented above resulted in a full Honorary Ph. Doctorate presented through the Knights Templar of Britannia, recognized by the Vatican, for his professional dedicational work on Medieval History and Egyptology.

Current Activities & Projects
The Sirius Project

International network of interdisciplinary scholars all connected and engaged in researching the various attributes and connotations of symbolism, of which John is a founding trustee.

The Historical Preservation Society

A society with the aim of preserving and documenting ancient societies of which John is a founding trustee.
Symbolism in the 21ST Century

An ongoing synopsis of our contemporary use of symbolism and their applications within the modern world, and how ancient symbolism has been integrated within our societies and main stream religions.
In The Footsteps of Howard Carter

The mapping, documenting and recording of the trade routes, and ancient pathways of the Theban Mountains in Luxor, with all its associated inscriptions and tombs. Including the discovery, of various as yet un-documented Palaeolithic settlements and abundance of flint tools situated there. This particular field of research has resulted in a publication of journal entries that follow the daily routines of the Sirius Project team members during their exploits in the Theban Mountains.

The Western Saharan Desert Expeditions

The mapping and exploration of the trade routes of the Western Saharan Desert in Egypt, and its associated ancient settlements which line the routes which are investigated by the team. These expeditions take place on a yearly basis and provide a wealth of information and material pertaining to the ongoing projects headed by the Sirius project.

The Esoteric Investigation of the Western Desert

An investigation into the various psyonic attributes associated with the ancient sites and ancient Symbolism across the Western Saharan Desert trade routes. Bringing together a diverse and multi disciplinarily team that will approach the paranormal, supernatural and scientific investigations from the various attributes that they posses.
Mason or Priest

An ongoing classification of ancient Egyptian quarry symbols being a preparatory classification for Mason or Priest? A comprehensive study of ancient Egyptian quarry symbols. This enables the cataloguing and collating of data to form a corpus of Ancient Egyptian sacred sites. It is an exhaustive project that runs alongside the documentation and recording of ancient symbolism within Egypt’s ancient sites.
Medieval Symbolism

A detailed investigation recording the migration of ancient eastern symbolism and its integration within various religious, esoteric, hermetic groups, and other associated cultures during the medieval period in Europe.

The Mappa Mundi

A comprehensive study of this medieval map and its comprehension within early western philosophy in regards of Northern Africa and its landmarks, cities and tribes; also its association with the original Knights Templar Order and Garway Church in Herefordshire.
The Blemmies

An investigation into the rites and ceremonial practices of this ancient tribe as documented and recorded throughout medieval history and the Mappa Mudi.
An Introduction to Luxor Temple

A comprehensive paper dealing with the style and function of its architecture as it evolved during the Pharaonic period, and its continued use as a religious centre of worship, providing a detailed time line of religious development within mankind’s history within Egypt.

An Introduction to Dendera temple

A comprehensive paper on the form and function of this ancient site in regards its use as a medical & healing centre throughout the ancient Egyptian period. It investigates the close connections with the application of alternative therapies that today within the medical forum are only now being discussed and investigated as possible alternative therapies as opposed to traditional and modern techniques.
Nectanebo and the “Sarcophagus” that changed the world

A comprehensive investigation and paper into the discovery of Pharaoh Nectanebos’s sarcophagus and its associated myths and legends which were perpetrated during the later 19 and early 20th centuries.
Napoleon and his exploration of Egypt

A detailed investigation into the ensuing scientific exploration Egypt carried out by the French scientific team that accompanied Napoleon and his armies across Egypt. With particular focus on the sites and antiquity that has since disappeared through either human intervention or environmental change.
The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

An ongoing comprehensive study, investigation and paper, into the various esoteric and hermetic groups, societies and individuals, who have perpetuated the use of ancient Egyptian symbolism, religious ceremonial practice and ritual. With particular focus on the various symbols discovered by the Sirius Project team during their expeditions in the Theban Mountains.
The House of Sobek

An ongoing paper investigating and detailing the rise in popularity of deity Sobek and the associated ceremonial, ritual practice and overall influence on the royal households, sacred sites and priests of ancient Egypt.

An Introduction to External Constructed Consciousness

It is an ongoing paper dealing with a hypothetical and theoretical approach to the concept of an external force that can be attributed to the accepted terminology of consciousness.

Various small reports and papers written on behalf of the SCA from various excavations carried out in the Theban area.

The restoration of the Museum of art for the University of Alexandria

An ongoing charitable project headed by the Historical Preservation Society.

Affiliations and Professional Memberships

Active member of the friends of Alexandria library
The archaeological society of Alexandria
The Egyptian exploration society
The Monroe Institute
The University of Alexandria
Various other Universities and academic institutions in co-operation with The Sirius Project and its current projects

John has received the honour of being mentioned in various publications during his career as an independent researcher that have associations with his particular fields of expertise in archaeology and Egyptology.

During the course and duration of the Sirius Project so far, John has been instrumental in the development of various social platforms that are utilised by its team members to present their findings, results and discoveries to the general public and those who have an active participation in the overall project. This has led to the development of numerous internet sites that deal directly with the associated material on a individual basis which enables dialogue, discussion dn debate to take place on an international level with academics, non academics and independent researchers alike regards the Sirius Project’s main core of research: “Symbolism”.

Through the involvement with Q.E.A. and its affiliated ventures, John continues to offer advice and actively participate as an historical advisor to numerous professional tour companies that require his unique experience and insight, which he has gained during his multi-disciplinary career.

John is also a renowned professional dowser offering courses through Q.E.A. and Paranormal Egypt in the art of dowsing and its varied applications. Through the diverse career as an independent researcher over the past 8 years in Egypt, John has pushed the boundaries of his own spiritual path and has in doing so affiliated himself with various religious bodies and institutions in the hope of gaining further insight into mankind’s religious development and desire for immortality.





The Gralien Report

The Gralien Report

The Gralien Report

The Gralien Report

The Gralien Report

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The Gralien Report

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