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October 7, 2014 - New Richmond, WI
The Paradigm Symposium 2014 was a rollicking success. Held at the Women’s Club of Minneapolis, October 2 - 5, 2014, this third annual event of Intrepid Magazine boasted such international luminaries as Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Nick Redfern, Barry Fitzgerald, John Ward and Robert Bauval. Keynote speaker John Anthony West, along with Micah Hanks, Richard Dolan, Thomas Fusco, Laird Scranton, Scotty Roberts, Chase Kloetzke, Edward Nightingale and Jessalyn (Wildflower) Devereaux rounded off our Stateside speakers.

We want to thank our sponsors, Red Wheel Weiser/Hampton Roads Books, Inner Traditions Books, Gaiam TV, MUFON, Magus Books and Herbs, Robert Bannon, Grimerica Radio, as well as several other individual and business sponsors and vendors such as Uriel Creations, Enchanted Emporium, Crystal Skulls and Alison James, who made this year’s symposium a reality.

As has been evident with each passing year, the Paradigm Symposium has experienced the exponential growth of friends and community, focusing on the deeper questions of historical mysteries, science, metaphysics, ufology, paleo-contact and the delving of the esoteric - even extending to the conspiratorial and cryptozoological.

The family atmosphere fostered by the Paradigm Symposiums, is what we like to refer to as The AfterEffects, as represented by the extended gatherings post-hours, during the nights of the symposium, itself. These organic functions have not only served to expand the personal interactions, conversations, discusssions, debates and sharing of theories as expressed on stage by our guest speakers, but also the intimate sharing of live music and singing with the likes of Jesse Rocha, Dave Perez, Micah Hanks and Jim Harold, expressing their musical attributes. The live radio broadcasts over the three years of Paradigm’s existence, have garnered live audiences of Symposium attendees during Micah Hank’s Gralien Report, Chase Kloetzke’s White Paper, Grimerica with Graham and Darrin, Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, and, of course, The Intrepid Radio Program with Scotty Roberts and John Ward.

The Paradigm Symposium exists solely because of its sponsors, advertisers and attendees. The continued support of our ever-growing Paradigm Family has allowed us to expand, once again, into next year, and details of the Paradigm Symposium 2015, rife with grand, new expansions and sponsor-engendered new ideas, will be announced by the end of this month.

Of Course, despite the wonderful family atmosphere at the event, as well as the overwhelming good spirit of this endeavor, we need to address the “elephant in the room,” and that is the Press Release from Erich von Daniken. The record needs to be set straight and the facts need to be addressed:

As has become common knowledge, two weeks prior to the event, we suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of a major sponsor. This resulted in an approximate $35,000 loss in our budget. Our initial reaction was to cancel the event and reimburse ticket fees - an option which we did not wish to engage, but which had to be taken under serious consideration.

However, after much deliberation and closer inspection of the financial situation, we were able to raise some of the funds necessary to cover a portion of the loss, for which we are extremely grateful to the generosity of new sponsors who stood to our aid at the eleventh hour. After working diligently with only ten days to spare, we found ourselves still operating at a deficit of nearly $20,000, and we were left still needing to make some deep-cutting sacrifices to enable the Paradigm Symposium to open as planned. This resulted in making major cuts to the speaker roster, which included private discussions with Erich von Daniken.

As a direct result of these private conversations, in which we offered alternative solutions, we were unable to reach a mutual financial understanding, and therefore, Mr. von Daniken removed himself from our speaker roster and issued a press release detailing his opinions on the matter. We are grateful, however, to all of our other speakers for standing by us, and believing in the Paradigm Symosium, remaining loyal to their fans who bought tickets to see them.

We also wish to address the other, smaller “white elephant” in Mr. von Daniken’s press release, and that is in reference to statements made regarding payments to 2012 speakers, whom he referenced by name. For the record, of those mentioned within the press release, they were paid in absolute accordance with their contracts and agreements, and we feel this should put to rest any and all concerns. Period.

Moving forward, we are incredibly excited and motivated to bring you the very best of everything in next year’s Paradigm Symposium 2015. In extended talks with our publishing sponsors, we are in the midst of planning some phenomenal new aspects for the new year.

May the adventure continue, as we invite you to come along for extraordinarily amazing experiences.

Looking ever forward,

Scotty Roberts and John Ward


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